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Tudor Macicasan - Sustainable Mobility Expert, Independent Engineering Consultant

I consult different government institutions on Sustainable Mobility Projects. So far, I've had the pleasure of doing this for two of the most important capitals in Central Asia, two big cities in Romania and for several smaller towns as well, four of which are now growing fast due to the region's developments in tourism. Mobility Projects are usually taken as something quite sad that needs to be done. They are viewed as a burden, rather than an opportunity to improve the lives of citizens and understand the dynamics of certain towns.

A lot of knowledge comes from placing the ear on the ground and listening to the vibes of the city. These are the vibes that help identify how terrible the situation is and what needs to be fixed in order for that society to have people who are happier. Removing mobility anxiety and stress is an important task on its own. Working on Mobility Projects allows me to bring a solid contribution to the communities of each town. It has not been a burden; I've always been passionate about the mobility of my hometown. This came to be due to my other great passion: public transport. I've studied it since I was a child.

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Here are the services that I offer as part of my collaboration with public institutions that want to improve the cities they operate in and want to give their citizens a higher quality of life.

Transport Consultancy
Transport Consultancy
Client/beneficiary consultancy addressing and solving mobility issues
Transport Planning
Transport Planning
Strategic management of mobility and optimization of routes, networks and bike schemes
Sustainable Transport Strategies
Sustainable Transport Strategies
Sustainable urban mobility plans, strategies and marketing for cities and towns
Public Transport Marketing
Public Transport Marketing
Online and offline branding, mobile-friendly websites for public tranport operators
Public Transport Projects
Public Transport Projects
Public transport optimization, infrastructure and fleet strategies, schemes and budgeting
Transport Modelling
Transport Modelling
Mathematical and/or digital modelling of travel demand and forecast in urban areas
Transport Budgeting and Financing
Transport Budgeting and Financing
Multi-criteria, ecological and cost-benefit analysis of transport current and forecast expenses
Mobility Presentations
Mobility Presentations
Lectures regarding sustainable mobility, transport engineering and mobility as a service



Here are some of the projects I've worked on as a Sustainable Mobility Consultant.
I like the challenge that each project brought for me and I find that the most complex projects are also the most rewarding.

Transport Consultancy
Transportation Consultancy
Transport plans in Câmpia Turzii, Cluj-Napoca, Corbeanca, Hunedoara, Timișoara, Sighetu Marmației (Romania) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).
Real-time consultancy for the mayor of Bucharest, Nicușor Dan
Project Conception
Project Conception
Bishkek Smart City (Kyrgyzstan), Campaign to support trolleybus operations in Brașov (Romania) and Piatra Neamț (Romania). Project to set up a public transportation museum in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).
Technical Due Dilligences
Technical Due Diligences
EBRD Smart Fleet Programme Romania for CTP Cluj-Napoca, RATP Iași, RAT Brașov and Tursib Sibiu, BEI due dilligence for the Romanian Railways, EU funded mobility projects evaluation for ADR-V, ROP



Here's what my colleagues and collaborators are saying about me and my work:

Tudor has an astonishing insight in public transport organisations and networks, he can identify weak and strong points of these after a day of travelling the network and he comes up with proposals that make sense within a very short time. He a real public transport expert, who was a great help in the project I worked on with him. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a public transport expert to assess the existing situation and to produce improvements to both networks and strategies. As his English is excellent, he may both work on national and international projects.

Any individual or organisation interested in public transportation in Romania must consider getting Tudor on their team. I have had the pleasure of recently spending 2 weeks with Tudor. He has immense knowledge and tremendous and unstoppable enthusiasm (and energy). His English is perfect, so good, in fact, that he has an advanced sense of humour - which makes him very fun to be with. He was an excellent companion - even on a 16 hour train journey he was still full of energy and good ideas. I cannot rate him highly enough.

I have had the pleasure of working with Tudor on three recent projects in Romania including the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for Cluj and Timisoara, as well as due diligence assignments concerning the purchase of new buses and trolleybuses in Cluj and Brasov. He is a joy to work with as he is a self starter who often takes the initiative and has an incredible work ethic to enhance his deep technical knowledge of public transport vehicles. I would gladly work with him again and would endorse him without hesitation.

I strongly recommend Tudor as an excellent mobility expert. He is a very good connoisseur regarding transportation technical issues. He has a deep critical thinking, a fine analyst and skillful strategist.

Tudor Măcicășan is a specialist dedicated to the profession. Mainly in addressing traffic, mobility and GHG reduction methods. He is creative, prompt and thorough in elaborating specialized studies. Recommended!

We are very happy to have Tudor in our team of experts. He has the profile we always look for including: high level of expertise continously updated and connected to international practice, dedication, proactivity, easiness in working with others, good manners, persistent and creative. He has style, he is different but perfectly matched with the team members.

We worked together on a campaign supporting trolleybus operation in Brasov. His know-how on public transportation systems was of great value for us. As an expert on urban mobility he also provided much needed support in project management in this campaing. With his help we managed to develop further our program on urban mobility - I-STEP (International Sustainable Transportation Engagement Program).

Tudor is a professional worker and very passionate colleague. It's a real pleasure to work with a colleague like him

Tudor is a motivated and enthusiastic expert, being very active during the project implementation, with good ideas and smart approach of the problems encountered. He is very willing to take over new challenges and responsibilities. His performance it was appreciated by our team of experts and by the municipality.

Tudor is very passionate about the field he works in, especially the Public Transportation area. He is a hard worker, well research consultant and can always come up with new ingenious engineering solutions.

Un profesionist al transporturilor și a proiectelor în acest domeniu. Felicitări și mult succes în continuare.

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The value that each member brings in their own respective fields is essential to develop a well rounded, complex project, such as Transport Planning and Strategizing.

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Andrei Pintea
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Simona Andreea Costin
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